School Healthcare Centers

Primary Healthcare Centers’ school-based healthcare centers are fully equipped medical centers located on the campus of Tiger Creek Elementary in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, and Gilbert Elementary in Lafayette, Georgia, Rossville Elementary, and Rossville Middle. Each office is staffed with medical professionals employed by Primary Healthcare Centers.
At our school-based healthcare centers, we are committed to providing the highest quality of medical and dental care for the entire family. We provide care for acute and chronic illnesses. We can be listed as your primary care provider by your health insurance company.

Our Providers
Our school-based healthcare centerss are staffed with a wonderful team of medical and dental professionals that include a pediatrician, nurse practitioner, general dentist, dental hygienist, dietician, nutritionist, and trained support staff.

Who Can Visit
Primary Healthcare Centers’ school healthcare centers are open to students, teachers, and staff of the school system, as well as parents and community members. Students must have a completed consent form for treatment on file. Verbal authorization will always be obtained from a parent or guardian prior to giving care.

How to Access Care
There are several ways for students to access medical and dental care, including:
  • Parents or legal guardians can call or stop by and schedule an appointment.
  • If a student becomes sick or gets injured at school, the child will be triaged by the school nurse. The school nurse will then call the child’s parent/legal guardian to obtain consent for the child to be seen at the clinic.
Primary Healthcare Centers’ school-based healthcare centers will call the child’s parent/legal guardian before and after every visit.

The Benefits
School-based health centers provide many benefits to students, the schools, and their communities. School-based centers also benefit parents with less time lost at work. National studies report the following benefits resulting from access to primary medical and dental care at schools:
  • Increased access to primary and behavioral healthcare services
  • Improved attendance and reduced absenteeism
  • Reduction in the number of students sent home due to illness
  • Reduced pharmacy costs for patients
  • Reduced emergency room visits
  • Reduced hospitalization for students with asthma
  • Higher grade point averages for students
  • Improved response to nutrition education and counseling for students with weight challenges

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